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YES, we proudly fabricate our tanks in Portland, Oregon.  If you would like a tour of our facility, give us a call – 971-319-6600.

YES, as of January 2017. 

YES, if you would like to read our customer testimonials, scroll down to the section below. To see our full list of customers, you can find them above!  To receive a custom reference list of our customers near you or who have purchased the products you are interested in, please email

YES, we specialize in building custom brewery equipment.  We understand that your beer is custom, so your tanks should be custom too.  We will work with you to meet any height restrictions, design requirements, aesthetic preferences, etc.

Touch screen or manual push button. 

YES, just ask your salesman to include it with your quote. 

YES, we also build wine, cider, water, yeast propagation, coffee, and distilling tanks. Wondering if we can build something for you? Just ask!

YES, we love having visitors! Just give us a call (971-319-6600) so we know to expect you. 

Email or call 971-319-6600.  Cheers!

"From the beginning of our project we felt that Pioneer Tank & Vessel was the right choice to work with because Kevin and his staff to this day have been the best customer service Neshaminy Creek has ever experienced in the brewing industry.

Kevin and his staff went out of their way to keep us up to date on our tank builds (Kevin is still the only person from any and all vendors we’ve ever worked with who sent us pictures of our equipment during build out) as well as communicating with us from start to finish addressing any concerns or questions we had.

It goes without saying that craft beer is a fast paced and rapidly growing industry; one that is short on trustworthy and competent manufacturers.

But, make no mistake, under Kevin McDowell’s guidance and the quality of work they’re producing, Pioneer Tank and Vessel are in a great position to continue to grow into one of the leaders in this industry in the years to come."
Jeremy Myers
Head Brewer, Neshaminy Creek Brewing
Brad, Neshaminy's Head Brewer Jeremy Myers, and Kevin at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company in Croydon, PA.
Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company crew with their horizontal lagering tanks.
Whitewall Brewing Company co-owners Sean Wallner and Aaron Wight with Kevin in front of their 7BBL Fermenter.
"Kevin was great to work with; he took our inputs on the design and was able to make a great boil kettle for us. The quality of the kettle is superior to most stainless welding we have seen on other systems that are available in the area. Very clean welds make the kettle easier to clean...

Kevin worked with us in designing a fermenter that would fit in our tight space. This required the fermenter to be abnormally tall and skinny for a 7BBL tank... We could not be happier with the products we have seen thus far from Pioneer Tank & Vessel. The fermenter is absolutely beautiful, and fits snugly next to our other two fermentation tanks."
Aaron Wight
Co-Owner and Brewer, Whitewall Brewing Company
"We purchased two 20 Barrel fermenter tanks from Pioneer in 2014 to facilitate our small batch production for our tap room. Our experience with Pioneer was excellent and our satisfaction with our tanks was such that we again turned to Pioneer for the production of a 100 Bbl fermenter to expand our large scale production for distribution...

Not only did we have an aggressive timeline for delivery, we had very specific design features we wanted to see in the new tank. Pioneer was thoroughly attentive in working out every small detail to be sure what we received exactly matched our specifications."
Uwe Schaefer
Controller, Great Northern Brewing
A 100BBL Fermenter being installed at Great Northern Brewing Company.